Team Name Generator

Looking for an engaging team name? Use our Team Name Generator. You provide the name, we add the creativity!

How it works

Coming up with a cool team name can be tricky. If you’re teamed up with folks for a work event, at an amateur sports game, or at bar trivia, you probably will want to create a fun team name to set yourselves apart. Our free tool on this page can help you create silly team names starting with any name or word you choose.

We suggest starting with the name of the team’s leader. However, you could also start with your company's name, family name, or street name. Feel free to try things out! You can use the tool as much as you like without cost.

Team Name Generator: How does it work?

To begin, put your name (or any word you like) into the text box. The word you put in there must be made of only numbers and letters — no spaces or punctuation, please. Also, you are limited to words no longer than twenty characters.

With the text box filled, hit the GENERATE button. Immediately, our server will give you two dozen unique team names that incorporate the word you entered.

Generally, most people find a great team name on this first page of results. If that’s you, hit the COPY button, so you have it saved.

If you’re not a huge fan of the first 24 results, hit the GENERATE MORE button. You can hit that as much as you like, as our service can create thousands and thousands of names.

As you go, hit the STAR button next to the team names you enjoy. This saves them to a list. You can see this list at any time by hitting the SAVED IDEAS button. You can feel free to hit the GENERATE MORE button or even do new searches while starring your favorites, as your list will not be erased.

When you’re done, hit the SAVED IDEAS button and then hit DOWNLOAD. You’ll download a text file with all your saved team names. Conversely, you can hit the DELETE ALL button to erase your list and start again.