Nickname Finder

Explore your persona with various diminutives using the Nickname Finder tool. Get set to have fun!

How it works

Since most of us don’t get to choose our own names, nicknames can be a good way to take ownership of our identities. Although most people are happy enough with the name their parents gave them, a good nickname can appease people who aren’t so happy. But how do you choose the right nickname? You should consult our free Nickname Finder!

This easy-to-use tool can break down your given name and create a collection of fun nicknames. It works entirely in your browser, so there’s nothing to download. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

Free Nickname Finder: How does it work?

Our server can analyze your name and, within just a second, produce any number of nicknames.

To start, enter your name into the text box. Generally, longer names produce more and better results, so try not to truncate your name. Keep in mind, however, that you can only enter letters and numbers into the text box, and your name must be shorter than 20 characters.

With your name entered, hit the GENERATE button. Depending on your name, you should instantly see anywhere from a handful to potentially hundreds of nicknames. You’ll see the first 24 choices on the first page, but you can scroll through all of them using the page numbers.

As you scroll through the Nickname Finder results, mark a few options as a favorite by using the STAR button. This will help you stay organized! Likewise, if one jumps out at you, hit the COPY button to paste it somewhere else.

When you’ve gone through all the potential nicknames, check out your list by hitting the SAVED IDEAS button. From there, you can hit the DOWNLOAD button to save your list as a text file. If you’re finished and want to start over, you can hit the DELETE ALL button to clear your list.