Gamertag Generator

Create an exceptional gamer identity with our Gamertag Generator. Personalize your gaming experience by infusing your name with gaming elements.

How it works

A great gamertag is incredibly important, especially if you plan on streaming professionally. You want something unique enough to stand out, simple enough to be memorable, and personal enough to connect easily with your brand. But how can you come up with something that meets all those criteria? What you need is our Gamertag Generator!

The free browser-based tool on this page can create thousands of gamertags for you based on a simple keyword. This keyword could be your name, the primary game you play/stream, where you’re from, or anything you like. You supply us with the keyword, and we’ll supply you with the unique and memorable gamertags you need.

How does the Gamertag Generator work?

Our free online tool is very easy to use. The first step is to insert your keyword into the text box. We recommend starting with your first name, but any word that’s less than 10 characters and consists only of numbers and letters will do.

Once you’ve entered your name or keyword, hit the GENERATE button. This triggers our server, which then processes your keyword and connects it with two dozen potential gamertags.

If you’re lucky, you’ll immediately fall in love with one of the choices our gamertag generator creates. If that’s the case, hit the COPY button and paste your new gamertag wherever you need.

If you don’t love the first two dozen choices, don’t worry: you can get so many more. Hit the GENERATE MORE button to create another two dozen names. Feel free to hit that button as many times as necessary; there is no limit to how many times you can use this tool.

As you go along searching through names, hit the STAR button next to the ones you like. Doing so saves them to a list you can see at any time by hitting the SAVED IDEAS button. You can save as many names as you need to here, and you can continue to hit the GENERATE MORE button or even conduct all new searches without losing your saved gamertags.

Done searching? Hit the SAVED IDEAS button and then hit DOWNLOAD. This gets you a text file filled with all your starred gamertags. You can then hit the DELETE ALL button to repeat the process.