Anagram Maker

Join two names and turn them into an interesting anagram with the help of our tool. A fun way to create meaningful word play.

How it works

Anagrams are a classic brain teaser. If you don’t know, an anagram is when you take letters of an existing word (or words) and mix them up to make entirely new words using the same distribution of letters. For example, an anagram of “Katherine” could be “heir taken.” An anagram of your name could be a fun game for new people to deduce your real name from the anagram. Using our Anagram Maker is an easy way to do this!

Making an anagram using our online tool is free, doesn’t require any downloads, and requires no information from you — other than your name, of course!

How does Anagram Maker work?

First, you’ll need to enter two names. You could do your first and last name, your and your spouse’s first names, two of your kids’ names, or whatever works for your situation. There is no limit to the number of anagrams you can create, so feel free to use the tool as much as you wish.

The only limits here are that your two names (including spaces) must be less than 30 characters total, and you can’t enter numbers or punctuation.

Enter your two names into the box and hit GENERATE. Instantly, our server will parse out the letters of the names and recombine them into various anagrams. Depending on the length and complexity of the names, you could see anywhere from a handful to thousands of anagrams.

As you scroll through the Anagram Maker results, use the STAR button to favorite some of the choices. Additionally, you can use the COPY button to save one specific name for pasting elsewhere.

When you’ve got a healthy list going, hit the SAVED IDEAS button to check it out. You can then hit the DOWNLOAD button to save a text file with all your anagrams. You could also hit the DELETE ALL button if you want to start the process again.