Brand Name Generator

Our Brand Name Generator: a creative path to reveal your name’s potential in establishing a successful brand.

How it works

When you’re starting a new company, the most obvious way to name that business is to use your own name. However, if you have a common name, you’ll need a bit more to your company’s title than just “Bob” or “Susan.” This is where our Brand Name Generator tool can be very helpful!

The way this works is you give the generator your name, and it creates thousands of business names from it. This could help you develop your company’s identity — or even help you come up with a new business from scratch! The tool works in your browser, so there’s no need to download anything. It’s also totally free, so why not give it a shot?

Brand Name Generator: How does it work?

First, enter your name into the text box. It can be your first or last name or even the name of your product. The only limitations are that the word you enter must be 20 characters or less and only contain letters and numbers.

With your keyword entered, hit the GENERATE button. You’ll then see two dozen brand names based on the keyword. Hit the GENERATE MORE button to see another two dozen. You can keep generating more and more brand names, as our server can make thousands.

If you see a name you like, hit the COPY button. Paste that name wherever. We highly suggest pasting it in Google first to make sure no one has already taken that name!

If someone has already taken it, you might need to choose a second-best option. As you go through the names, hit the STAR button to favorite a few. You can see your list of favorites by hitting the SAVED IDEAS button and then download your list by hitting the DOWNLOAD button.

You don’t need to worry about your list erasing if you do a new search or hit the GENERATE MORE button. The only way to delete your list is to hit the DELETE ALL button from within the SAVED IDEAS section. We only recommend doing this if you want to start over from scratch!