Name Combiner

Combine your name with different words or other names in two clicks. Choose one of the tools below to get started.

How it works

Some people really love their names. But for a lot of us, our names can seem boring. It’s usually a “grass is always greener on the other side” situation, but statistics show that the number one reason why people legally change their names is that they dislike their current one. Now, you might not dislike your name, but you might want to have a bit more fun with it, and that’s where our name combiner tools come in!

This page has a dozen tools related to names. By inputting your name into our various services, you can create all sorts of new and interesting names, words, nicknames, brand names, and more. If you’re looking to do something involving a name, the chances are high that our name combiner tools can help.

Name Combiner: How these tools work

Each of the 12 name tools here works a bit differently. However, they all request you to enter at least one name. That specific service will then use a unique algorithm to manipulate that name (or names) into something new and interesting.

As an example, the Band Names generator asks you for your name and then comes up with a cool band name specific to you. Meanwhile, the Username generator uses your real name to create an online user handle. The Nickname Finder is also incredibly useful if you’re trying to come up with a new moniker for yourself but aren’t interested in legally changing your name.

While some of these tools are just for fun, some can be very helpful. The Team Names tool can help you quickly give your team a good title, while the Anagram Maker could save you a ton of time.

Feel free to play around with all these tools. They are all 100% free and do not require registration. You don’t even need to give us your email address! Also, there are no limits to the number of times you can use the services.

Use these name combiner tools efficiently!

While each tool is slightly different, they all share a unique organizational system we’ve created that can help you keep track of the new names and titles you make.

Let’s use the Gamertag Generator as an example. When you load the page, you’ll enter your first name into the text box and hit the GENERATE button. Instantly, our server will process your name and then produce two dozen unique gamertags created by combining your name with interesting words.

If you need more names, you can hit the GENERATE MORE button. Our server can produce thousands of names for you, so hit that button as many times as you need.

When you spot a name combination you like, you can hit the COPY button (the icon that looks like two rectangles on top of each other). This copies the unique gamer name to your clipboard. You can then paste it anywhere you like.

However, if there are quite a few you like, you can instead hit the STAR button next to each name. The STAR button adds that name to your list of SAVED IDEAS. You can see your current list of names by hitting the SAVED IDEAS button.

You can add as many names to this list as necessary. The list will stay safe even if you search for a new name or navigate away from the page.

Once you’re happy with your list, hit the SAVED IDEAS button and then hit the DOWNLOAD button. This will get you a text file with all your names.

If you’re ready to start again, hit the DELETE ALL button and begin anew. All of our name combiner tools work with this useful system!

Is it safe to use these tools?

It is totally safe to use our name combiner services. We’ll never ask for any identifying information from you. Our tools are free and don’t require registration. Additionally, our server regularly purges all entered information, so you don’t even need to be concerned with inputting your name into the form as the data won’t be saved for long.

10 reasons to use these name combiner services

Starting a band — You’re starting a musical act and want to go with a band name that’s more interesting than just your name. Why not combine your name with something else?

Bachelor or bachelorette parties — Sure, you can use “Team Bride” or “Team Groom,” but why not come up with a more unique team name for your wedding party that includes your name?

Family Wi-Fi — When someone visits and asks “What’s the Wi-Fi?” you can respond with a cool-sounding clan name instead of something boring.

Writing a memoir — The memoir title “My Life” isn’t super interesting. Why not come up with a different book name for your upcoming book?

Starting a business — If you’re starting a new business, you might want to include your name in the business title. You’ll find plenty of ideas in our brand name generator.

Couple names — Remember “Brangelina?” What would you and your partner’s couple name be? Our server can combine your two first names into something memorable.

Scavenger hunt — Are you making a scavenger hunt for a party or event? Why not use attendees’ names as part of the clues? Our anagram maker can make this very easy and save you a bunch of time.

Starting a blog — Blogging is more popular than ever. Are you looking to start one yourself? Our blog name tool can help you come up with some neat ideas.

Create a nickname — Are you looking for a fresh start when it comes to what people call you? Our nickname generator can use your legal name to create something a bit different.

You can probably come up with plenty more reasons to use one of our name combiner tools. Have fun!