City Name Generator

Name a city or town after yourself. Enter your name in the field below and click "Generate".

How it works

If your name is Sarah, it would be pretty obvious to use “Sarahville” as the name for your fictional town. “Sarah Town” is another unsurprising choice. If you’re at a loss for coming up with better city or town names for yourself, you should check out our City Name Generator!

This fun online service can create thousands of town names for you that incorporate your own name. This would help in many situations, such as playing a Sim City-esque video game, writing a fictional story, or during a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

City Name Generator: How does it work?

Ready to get started? First, enter your name in the text box. Your name should be less than ten characters and contain no punctuation or spaces. Remember that you don’t need to put your name in, either. Your dog’s name would work, too, as would any word that fits the entry criteria.

With your name entered, hit the GENERATE button. Then watch as our server instantly processes your name and creates two dozen town names with it.

Take a look at all the names. Does one jump out at you? Hit the STAR button next to it. This marks it as a favorite. Star any other names you like, and then hit the GENERATE MORE button. This will get you another two dozen names. Continue to use the STAR and GENERATE MORE buttons until you have a healthy list of ideas!

When you’re ready, hit the SAVED IDEAS button. This will show you a list of all the names you starred. If you see one that you’re certain is the best, hit the COPY button and paste it wherever you need it. However, if you want to download all the names, hit the DOWNLOAD button. Conversely, you can hit the DELETE ALL button to start your list over.

Keep in mind that new searches do not erase your list. So you can keep using the City Name Generator as much as you like without worrying it will delete your list!